13 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30


How to protect your health after the age of 30years old there are so many ways to prevent your skin when you start getting old since it changes from being soft and clean to bad and damaged(especially after your thirties), as we all know our bodies change by the time, and to keep your skin healthy, you should absolutely change the way you eat.
You should avoid eating 13 foods after the age of thirty. Where high in fat, sugar, and sodium because they won’t do your waistline any favor.


Can you imagine your meal without salt? It’s actually like an airplane without a pilot? Salt helps maintain the chemical balance in your body. It may even help to conduct nerve impulses in your whole body, but how can you ignore the fact that it’s something more than just a killer on our skin and bodies. salt can affect your body, heart, and kidneys. eating too many salts means that blood pressure medicines don’t work as well as they could and they actually should. stop messing with your health and stop using too many salts in your food as much as you possibly can.


In case you didn’t know, sodas contain significant quantities of sugar, which will totally affect and damage your skin. and it has a bunch of disadvantages including high sugar intake, gain weight in a very bad way, cancer which is one of the most known diseases nowadays and the most dangerous one as well. Instead of drinking sodas, drink water it helps you to maintain the balance of body fluids, plus it’s the best thing for your skin to keep it hydrated. Stay away from sodas as much as you can.


Alcohol is so addictive and highly toxic especially when you drink too much and daily. Forget about your teenage life, partying and drinking on weekends that was something in the past and it’s not a part of you now. Drinking this cursed water was never good for your health, it has so many negative effects on you, first of all, losing sleep, in another way, this makes your sleeping system so unbalanced, plus you start overthinking about things that make you in a very bad mood. Second of all, this causes weight loss in a bad way. stay away from alcohol, it’s not good for your health.

10.Veggie burgers

You can’t ignore the fact that veggie burgers are so delicious and tasty, but you should take the time and think if they’re good for your body and you’re just damaging your health. Well, veggie burgers can’t replace your real meal or promote your health, in the opposite way, they have a bunch of negative effects. The most important thing you can do is to remember that not all veggie burgers actually contain vegetables. they’re filled with things you’ll never find growing in your garden maltodextrin or methylcellulose, which means that not all the ingredients that you know are as innocent as a normal food, so you better make your own veggie burger to keep good health.

9.Using a straw to drink

Isn’t it weird to know that drinking through a straw can actually cause premature aging? well, this true. when you drink using a straw, you purse your lips which cause lip lines and wrinkles. Try to avoid this method of drinking to keep your lips safe.

8.Energy drinks

In case you didn’t know, Energy drinks can have potential side effects if not consumed responsibly or as directed, by drinking them you’re hurting your metabolism, and also they may cause headaches, chest pain, insomnia…

7.Artificial sweeteners

Sugar substitutes always seem like an OK idea at first. They’re low in calories or even don’t have any calories at all, and are often touted as healthier than real sugar. artificial sweeteners contain other elements that can affect negatively your system. It’s gonna be good for you if you avoid eating them.

6.Soy sauce

Eating too much soy sauce may lead to high blood pressure because there’s the salt content as much as 989 milligrams in one tablespoon. Soy can also dehydrate your whole body and accelerate aging.


The nutritional profile of milk is impressive, we all know that it’s essentially good for our health but this one has a pretty little dark side, it’s highly acidic which is not good for your health as well. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that when the milk is pasteurized, most of the nutrients are destroyed.

4.Conventional products

People usually prefer buying conventional products over organic food. but nobody realizes how toxic is this choice for your health. many vegetables and meats you bug from supermarkets are full of toxins, knowing that our body already has enough toxins. toxins can actually play havoc on your metabolism and hormones.

3.Iced coffee

As we all know iced coffee is full of caffeine which makes lose your sleep and stays up all night which can lead to accelerating aging by increasing lines and some wrinkles all over your face and mouth. stay away from this one it’s unhealthy for you.


Pop-tarts and sugar-filled pastry are tasty poisons. Too much sugar may increase your risk of heart diseases, gain weight, and especially it may accelerate your skin aging process.
Step away, sugar is not good for your health.


Oreos are kid’s favorite snack but we should stop the propagation of this virus. these tasty treats are full of sugar and calories that can easily make you sick. limit the amount of Oreos you eat and have a protein bar or dark chocolate instead.

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